23 JANUARY 1926, Page 24

TURKEY IN TRAVAIL. By Harold Armstrong. (John Lane, 8s. 6d.)

CAPTAIN ARMSTRONG writes vividly of life in Turkey, from

1916, when he entered the country as a prisoner of war, to 1923, when he gave up his post as staff officer at Constantinople.

He saw the Turk from the double aspect of under-dog and victor. As a prisoner of war he tells of his trials and attempts

to escape. As a member of the Allied staff of occupation he writes of the troop of gendarmes he" commanded in the highlands of Anatolia, of the brigands he captured and slew, of the gay life of Pera, of moonlight on the Bosphorus with two Turkish ladies in his boat, of the high polities and hideous muddles that led to the Treaty of Lausanne. A true and entertaining story of Stamboul and Anatolia, by one who knows the Turk and his language as only a handful of Englishmen know them.