23 JANUARY 1926, Page 3

We deeply regret to record the death of Mr. J.

F. P. Rawlinson, the senior member for Cambridge University. Few men could be so sorely missed as he will be, and his mere record, though it was a fine one, does not suggest the measure of the esteem and affection in -which he was held. He was Deputy High Steward of Cambridge University, and Recorder for the Borough. As a young man he was a first-rate player of Association football and kept goal for England. At the Bar he was not a great advocate, for he had a quick and not very clear utterance ; but if any institution wanted unflagging service and unfailingly sound advice, it was happy indeed if it could obtain Mr. Rawlinson's help. He was deeply interested in education and was a member of the governing bodies of Eton, Malvern and Brighton College. He lived simply but gave lavishly. Nobody ever asked for his help without finding that he was charitable in the noblest sense—he always inquired into a case fully in order to help in the wisest way. Perhaps his qualities of a great gentleman came out best in this : that he was as punctilious in small matters as in great. Having once promised his aid to a cause, however small, he gave it as much attention as though it had been a matter of supreme importance. His loyalty, his largeness of heart and his modesty were an example which will never be forgotten by those who had the privilege of his friendship.