23 JULY 1927, Page 1

News of the Week

THE annual residence of the Court at Holyrood Palace has been memorable, not only for the usual efforts of Their Majesties to see as many of their Scottish subjects as possible and to encourage good works in progress in Edinburgh (and this year in Glasgow too), but for the dedication of the Scottish War Memorial, an event which will stir the hearts of Scotsmen throughout the world. The presence of the King and Queen and two of their family marked the solemnity that they attached to the act. The Prince of Wales actually performed the opening ceremony, which was, reverent, magnificent, and most moving. We have not space to describe the pageantry, the religious service, nor yet the fine building, Sir Robert Lorimer's work,- whieh is the shrine of the rolls of names, laid upon the living rock on which the Castle stands.

* * - •