23 JULY 1927, Page 1

There is a pause at Geneva in the proceedings of

the Naval Limitation Conference. A relaxation of the long tensItm is likely to -do good. Mr. Bridgeman and Lord Cecil have come home for a few days to report to the Cabinet. The plenary session of the Conference was held on Thursday, July 14th, as we hoped it would be when we went to press last week. Mr. Bridgeman made a clear, sensible speech on the British position which ought to have dissipated misunderstandings. This was certainly needed, though we do not attach great weight to the alleged deliberate mischief-making. At any rate, it is incredible that any of the responsible delegates could be affected by them. Lord Jellicoe then stated with com- plete frankness our needs and the calculations on which they were based, showing that what we asked for would give us one vessel with which to patrol each 2,500 miles of our vital trade routes. He -drew a vivid picture of what one ' Emden ' can do. Mr. Gibson, as was expected since his hands are apparently tied by the cable from Washington, stuck to his derhand that a total cruiser tonnage should first be agreed upon. But it is said that the United States may reduce their claim to need twenty- five cruisers of 10,000 tons.

* •