23 JULY 1927, Page 2

The death of the King of Roumania will be deeply

regretted in Great Britain, where he has been popular ever since he came to court an English Princess over thirty years ago. His uncle, King Carol, whom he suc- ceeded, had done well by Roumania and cannot be blamed for his sympathy in the War with the House of Hohenzollern, from which he sprang. King Ferdinand won our gratitude by declaring himself on the side of the Allies in 1916, and our deep sympathy for what he and his country suffered in consequence. The Peace Treaty made a " Greater Roumania," perhaps too great, for the holding of Bessarabia and the governing of Transylvania are severe tests for an inexperienced nation. The King's family troubles have been great and may react seriously in Eastern Europe. His grandchild, aged five, will be crowned King. * * * *