23 JULY 1927, Page 2

The Duke and Duchess of York received at the Guildhall

on Friday, July 15th,.a formal welcome from the Corpora- tion of the City of London with the City's congratulations and appreciation of their services to the Empire. His Royal Highness spoke of the glorious- hope of the free nation of which Canberra was symbolic, and of the devotion to the Throne and to British institutions which he saw throughout his tour. After luncheon the Prime Minister made a capital little speech in a light vein welcoming the travellers on behalf of the nation, and the Duke gave a full and vivid account of the journey round the world. He declared the optimism that filled him after receiving such satisfactory impressions of the British race orverseas. He suggested that successful settlers should come hoine after a few years on a missionary tour to persuade more people, families for choice, to emigrate. We agree : by far the most effective agents should be the actual settlers, and we wish that more of them-would keep writing home to their friends and inciting them to follow them 'from, say, the slums of Westminster to the open spaces of Australia.