23 JULY 1927, Page 2

The House of Commons, on Thursday, July 14th, agreed to

the Home Office vote and discussed the West Ham Guardians. Local Labour Members defended the. old Board and wanted to see the end of the present administrators. Mr. Chamberlain defended himself and. them amid interruptions but with success. The annual. expenditure had been reduced by £500,000 and the reductions made possible on the precept on the rates. was equivalent to 4d. in the E. On Monday the House returned to the Finance Bill in the Report stage. The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved clauses designed to, mitigate the effect of his original clauses taxing the income of those who sold shares. " cum dividend," and taxing the reconstruction or amalgamation of companies4 He managed to soothe or bewilder members into accept- ance. Other amendments were rejected : one concerning the " safeguarding " of the Nottingham lace industry aroused serious argument, The Report stage was concluded uneventfully_ on. Tuesday: On Wednesday Mr. Ruriciman ieferred on _the . vote . for the Board. of Trade to the findings of the Geneva Economic Conference, to which the President did lip-service in answer. * * * *