23 JULY 1927, Page 3

-` We congratulate the British Academy on its twenty- fifth

birthday and upon the present which Lord Balfour was able to announce at a luncheon held last week to celebrate the occasion. The Government will put at the Academy's disposal free quarters in Burlington House in recognition, as the Chancellor of the-Exchequer wrote, of its position and of its services to the nation. Hitherto, as Lord Balfour said, its only home has been the letter-136x and the porter's lodge at Burlington* House. The Academy has well fulfilled a function which its much elder sister, the Royal Society; being devoted to" Sciente, could not accept, namely, to conduct relations with foreign academies in matters of humane learning, such as History, Philosophy, Economics, and Antiquities. The Fellows and their Secretary; Sir Israel Gollanez, have done a great work in establishing the Academy in the position that it now holds-in the world.