23 JULY 1927, Page 33

General Knowledge Competition Tim prize of one guinea which the

Editor offers weekly for the best thirteen-General Knowledge Questions (with answers) is awarded to Mr. Arthur E. Shaw for the following : Bible Questions from the Old Testament

1. Who referred to Egypt as a " land that floweth with intik and honey " ?

2. What king never saw the city in which he died ?

3. Who rode round the walls of Jerusalem by night ?

4. What prophet considered it would be a sin if he omitted to pray for his nation ?

5. What ladies are mentioned in connexion with the rebuilding of the walls of a city ?

6. What cities were erected with building materials taken from another city ?

7. Who is the only priest of Baal mentioned by name ?

8. What man, belonging to the tribe of Judah, and of character, has left nothing on record but a short prayer ?

9. When was a heap of stones used as a dining table ?

10. What man, after a severe adliction, was greatly blessed by God ?

11. What captive king was restored to his kingdom in consequence of repentance and prayer ?

12. Who married his aunt ?

13. The advance of the British Army into Palestine in 1917 was made through the-southern part of the country. Why was not that route chosen for-the Israelites after their delivertwee from Egypt-1 Answers will be found on page 159.