23 JULY 1927, Page 44


Having watched with interest the progress of Welwyn Garden City from its very beginnings, I am glad to note that, judging from the proceedings at the seventh ordinary general meeting held this week, the courage and enterprise of its founders and the original shareholders seem likely to be rewarded. In the course of his speech, the chairman, after referring to the recent opening of the Welwyn Garden City Station, stated that the second notable event of the year has been the raising of Welwyn Garden City to the dignity of a town by the grant of urban powers. Financially, too, the position is encouraging, the accounts showing an increased balance of profit, the total, indeed, being sufficient, the chairman.- stated, to permit a 7 per cent.. dividend on the ordinary share capital; but such distribution is not yet recom- mended owing to the need of eapital for farther 4eveloptn-ent.4. A. W. K.