23 JULY 1927, Page 44


In articles which appear this week we deal with the general question of the growth in banking deposits. Special mention, however, must be made of the particularly large increase of about £27,000,000 during the year in the deposits of the Midland Bank. Indeed, we believe that the present total of 1376,528,000 is the highest ever published by any joint stock bank in its statement of June 30th, while even in the case of the Midland Bank the figure was only once exceeded, and that very slightly, in. December, 1921. A further good feature in the latest balance-sheet Of the MidlaUd Bank is the division made in-the total of Acceptances, the total of about £32,000,000 being divided into two portions, the larger amounting to £18,122,000 consisting of Acceptances and Confirmed Credits, and the other of Engagements on Account of Customers. Nowadays bankers give assistance to their customers in many ways, and, judging from recent observa: tions by the Chairman at one of the annual meetings, it looks as though forward foreign exchange transactions on behalf of customers are includedin these Engagements."

* * * *