23 JULY 1954, Page 16

SNAKES ALIVE was much interested in Sir Compton Mackenzie's account.

of natural wonders which he had seen, in the issue of June 11, particularly the last one about the adder either swallowing her young or at least pick- ing them up in her mouth and hiding them beneath her body.

Sir Compton wrote that he did not expect anyone to believe this story about the adder, so it may comfort him to know that there is at least one person who does.

About sixty years ago while walking with another lad in a field in Quebec Province, I saw what we used to call a spotted adder behind a large rock, coiled and ready to attack. As these snakes were supposed to be poisonous, my companion picked up long stick and bashed in its head, els* mangled its body a good deal. We both distinctly saw several little snakes come out from the snake's body. At home our story was jeered at and we both felt very crest- fallen. The matter has bothered me all these years. Perhaps, of course, the explanation ot the mother hiding her young under her body applies also to what 1 saw.—Yours faith- fully,


Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada