23 JULY 1954, Page 5

The Balkans and .Trieste

The diplomatic illness of the Turkish Prime Minister last Week (the lame excuse for postponing the, signing of the Balkan Alliance by the three Foreign Ministers at Bled) let loose a Email but violent whirlwind of suspicion. All is now well again, or seems to be, and the treaty is to be signed within the next week or two, but the mystery was truly Balkan in its intensity while it lasted. Now it turns out that Turkey Was simply concerned about some uncertainties in the treaty as to the precise relationship of the Alliance and NATO. But deeper and darker explanations were flying about. The post- Ponement was due to Anglo-American intervention on the grounds that certain implications of the treaty required further examination by the NATO council. It was because Greece and Turkey could not get from Yugoslavia various assurances of common action. But, above all, the postponement was linked with the problem of Trieste, which remains a little sorer 'for the pummeling it got over the week-end. Yugoslavia is still suspicious, and Borba has suggested that the optimism shown recently by the Italian Press may be 'a screen behind which Italy could prepare other actions. Many a deep breath will be drawn when Trieste is out of the news.