23 JULY 2005, Page 21

A majestic example

From Frederick Forsyth

Sir: Amid the maelstrom of images pouring out of London these past 14 days were two in stark contrast, yet which attracted no media comment.

As the Prime Minister was at the Dispatch Box, it was overlooked that the face of modern Britain still had to scuttle the 300 yards from his home to the Commons in a guarded limousine after the whole area had been cleared of other traffic. Security, dontcha know.

On 10 July a lady of 79, with her 84-yearold consort at her side, stood bolt upright in an open Range Rover as it cruised very slowly past ranks of veterans to honour the war dead. Not a splinter of reinforced glass in sight. Tradition, dontcha know.

Last month there were media squeals at the revelation that it costs each Brit £41 per annum to keep the monarchy on the road. Which part of ‘Damn good value’ does what passes for Fleet Street nowadays not understand?

Frederick Forsyth Hertford