23 JUNE 1866, Page 2

And Mr. Cardwell echoes gently their language, expressing tenderly his

disapprobation of one or two of Mr. Eyre's omis- sions, and of his conduct in sending. Mr. Gordon to illegal trial and still more illegal execution. However, he directs Sir Henry Storks not to give a certificate of indemnity to any one who has exceeded his instructions, and directs the trial of those charged with real enormities,—like Provost-Marshal Ramsay. The only part of his Jamaica policy on which we can express our hearty approval is his appointment of Sir J. P. Grant to the Government of Jamaica. A man of very high ability and strict impartiality, who stood firmly between the planters and natives of Bengal, he will undoubtedly do as much as one man can do to administer strict justice and restore order in Jamaica.