23 JUNE 1866, Page 2

The text of two of the declarations of war have

reached Eng- land this week. The Emperor of Austria is dignified, and even eloquent, pleads his own disinterestedness, declares that Prussia has substituted open violence for reason and right, and "sum- mons before the tribunal of history, before the tribunal of an eternal and all-powerful God, those persons who have brought the war about, and makes them responsible for the misfortunes which -may fall on individuals, families, districts, and countries." Victor Emanuel is clear, and almost bluff, frankly acknowledges that he has waited seven years for the opportunity of liberating Venetia, declares that Austria has by her armaments disturbed the pacific task of reorganization, and "feels that he shall accomplish the vows made at the tomb of his high-minded father," whose last words were, "At least I die not as kings die." Both documents are

holiest, Austria only conveniently forgetting that the occasion of all this sad work was her own Unprovoked attack upon Den- mark.