23 JUNE 1866, Page 23

Endless Sufferings not the Doctrine of Scripture. By Thomas Davis,

111.A., Incumbent of Roundhay, Yorkshire. (Longmans.)—We cordially recommend this little book to the attention of those who find the doc- trine of eternal punishment a hesvy burden, and yet feel themselves constrained by the language of Scripture. Mr. Davis points out that the words "everlasting punishment" occur only once in the whole Bible (Matt. xxv. 46), and are then opposed to everlasting life, the parti- cle " but " coming between. He argues from this that punishment does not include the idea of lift of any kind, but has the same meaning in this text that it has in all the analogous passages, viz., death or destruc- tion. The punishment of unrepentant sinners is destruction. He en- forces this view by an array of texts which will astonish those who have not given muchthought to the subject.