23 JUNE 1866, Page 3

After the failure of the Fort Erie expedition, a second

body of Fenians, under a General Spear, crossed on the 7th inst. from Vermont to a place called Pigeonshill, drove back some cavalry sent to reconnoitre, got hopelessly drunk, and by last accounts was deserting rapidly across the border. Sweeny has been held to bail in 4,0001., Roberts has been arrested, and General Meade has been authorized to use any force necessary to break up the .organization. The Habeas Corpus Act has been suspended, and there seems little doubt that the American and Canadian Govern- ments acting in unison will finally put the conspiracy down with very little loss of life. The men who form the rank and file of these expeditions seem to belong to the lowest order of labouring Irish, but they have plenty of arms, and always manage to carry whiskey with them.