23 JUNE 1866, Page 3

The Tiabihtes of Rotten Row are greatly exercised about the

absence of mounted police there. They say the Row is too crowded, vulgar people ride too fast, there are too many grooms who are badly mounted, and roughs have too free access to the ride. The real truth is that the great offenders are the bad-man- nered rich, with whom the police, if they are there, will not inter- fere. They cannot keep all people to one pace, or turn the Row into a cavalry exercising ground, and short of that what are they to do? The grumblers should petition Parliament not to let so ceany people get rich, or Heaven to give them sufficient brains to

enjoy a ride at an unfashionable hour. As to the grooms, if it is to be proper for a lady in England to enjoy a ride without an im- pudent man servant behind, what will become of our institutions? They will be as bad as in America, where a lady can actually travel without an escort from north to south, as she can also in India, without shocking anybody.