23 JUNE 1888, Page 25

A History of the Birds of New Zealand. By Sir

Walter Buller, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. (Published by the Author at 8 Victoria Chambers, S.W.)—To many people who remember the splendid work on "The Birds of New Zealand" which was published by Sir Walter Buller some twelve years ago, it will be a surprise to find that there was anything more to say on the subject of New Zealand ornithology. The author has, however, proved by the new edition which he is now bringing before the world that a great deal has been done since that time to increase our knowledge of the subject ; but we doubt whether there will be much to add when the present edition is completed. This most recent work of Sir Walter Buller's is characterised by energy and atten- tion to minute details, both as regards the scientific and life histories of the species of which he treats, while the magnificence of the plates, which are by Kenlemans, and the profusion of wood- cuts, render this second issue of the History of the Birds of New Zealand an edition de 11,4X6.