23 JUNE 1888, Page 27

Silkworms. By E. A. Butler, B.A., B.Sc. (Swan Sonnenschein and

Co.)—One of the most interesting and useful additions to the "Young Collector" series that we know of. Beginning with a chapter on "The History of Silk-Culture," as an introduction, Mr. Butler afterwards discusses the life-history, internal structure, management, and diseases of the common mulberry silkworm (Sericaria mori), and concludes with an entertaining chapter on "Wild Silkworms." The anatomy of the silkworm is thoroughly explained and sufficiently illustrated, and various hints and drawings given for their management. The members of the two families, Bombycida) and Saturnida), which also produce silk, are figured and described, thus forming a complete and harmonious monograph on the silkworm.