23 JUNE 1894, Page 2

At the fortnightly meeting of the Irish National League, held

in Dublin on Tuesday, the chairman, Mr. William Redmond, denounced Mr. Morley for having interfered with the League's action in County Clare. He sent fifty policemen and dispersed a meeting held to establish a branch. Nothing more outrageous or unconstitutional was done in the worst days of Mr. Balfour's rule. Mr. Kettle, who also spoke, said that "since the time of the Union, nine-tenths of the benefits which had been conferred on Ireland had been granted by the- Tory party. He hoped that at the next General Election the Tory party would come into power by the Irish votes." The- Anti-Parnellites are meantime coming in for an increasing- share of popular odium. At a meeting held at Tipperary,. Father Humphreys, the well-known priest, declared that Tipperary had been betrayed by Cork. The Tipperary tenants, it will be remembered, took up the "Plan of Cam- paign" in order to force Mr. Smith Barry to take certain action in regard to his estates in Cork. "That betrayal was only surpassed in baseness by the betrayal of Tipperary by Messrs. Dillon and O'Brien." That is a curioua sign of the times.