23 JUNE 1894, Page 2

Signor Crispi has resumed his place as Premier of Italy,

and with his old Cabinet, but his Finance Minister, Signor Sonnino, now takes another portfolio. His method of choking the deficit was, in fact, too drastic for the Chamber, which is now promised more military reductions (e800,000), no Income-tax on foreign

bonds, and a continuance of the policy of guarantees to rail- ways, which greatly embarrasses the Treasury. The total result will be that deficits, though not very large, will continue, and that five years hence Italy will be again in serious difficulty.. It is suspected from this compromise and from his failure to propose thorough reforms in Sicily, that age has deprived Signor Crispi of some of his energy. He is now seventy-five, which is old for a Southerner, but his age has not saved him from an attempt upon his life. The assassin, one Lega, said to be an anarchist, but probably employed by Sicilians, fired a revolver at him on Saturday while driving in his carriage, but missed him, and was arrested. Signor Crispi's disappear.. ance would add much to the perplexities of his country, as the great generation which freed the Peninsula is dying out, and the new generation is less able and more self-seeking than the last. Italy has never lacked ability, but her statesmen of to-day are possessed with the modern hunger for comfort.