23 JUNE 1894, Page 2

Things, as yet, are going right in Morocco. Abdul Aziz

haa been recognised as Sultan by all the Powers except Germany, has imprisoned his most formidable competitor, and has been proclaimed and, as it were, crowned at Fez. The Shereef of Wazan, moreover, who has weight with all Moors, on account of his descent from the Prophet, has signified that he will support the late Sultan's nominee. All that is satisfactory,. but the Kabyles are restless, the Army is not unanimous, and the Sultan is a lad in the hands of his Vizier. Great as is the dread of European interference, there is almost sure to be trouble,—the tribes, which are never quiet, seeing their oppor- tunity, and the powerful men at Fez being secretly all jealous of each other and the Vizier. Still, for the moment, there is a subsidence of agitation in Tangier.