23 JUNE 1894, Page 26

Ivanda : a Tale of Thibet. By Captain Claude Bray.

(Frederick Warne and Co.)—This is a very romantic story indeed. A young. Englishman becomes possessed by accident of a mystic "Loin (a miniature boat made of gold), which constitutes him the autocrat of some strange theosophical sect. Its possession brings him a curious mixture of good and evil, the good, we are led by his last utterances to believe, predominating. An old family dis- pute to some Highland property is mixed up with the "Lots." and the sect in a very perplexing way. We must take leave to say that Erasmus Clutterbuck reminds us very much of the carica- tures of Englishmen which a French romance-writer is fond of introducing into his stories. Apart from this, we cannot but think that his extraordinary rashness in making his way into the temple does not agree with the cunning that suggested his deep- laid scheme. If he was so anxious to get to the monastery, why did he risk his life with such incredible rashness at the very beginning of his journey ?