23 JUNE 1894, Page 27

Help to the Study of the Book of Common Prayer.

(Clarendon Press.)—A. very complete and useful "Companion to Church Worship." The first section deals with "the structure of a Church and the meaning of its several parts." Here some notice might have been taken of the early use of the guild- houses, or schol.a, which were used in early times, and seem to have suggested the form that afterwards became general. Primitive and mediteval forms of worship are then noticed; after this, comes a history of our own Prayer-book. Then we have the main part of the book, "Notes on the Book of Common Prayer." The Calendar, the Rubrics, the Services, ordinary and occasional, are discussed in turn; the origin of each prayer and collect is given, with a variety of other information. There is nothing partisan about the book, though it may be described as partsinss Cathdicis head iniquus.