23 JUNE 1894, Page 27

New Light on the Bible and the Holy Land. By

Basil T. Evetts. (Cassell and Co.)—Mr. Evetts has collected into this volume a considerable quantity of information scattered in various books and periodicals. He gives an account of Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian inscriptions, describes how they were deciphered, indicating the principles which were followed in performing this work, and states the general result as to the life of these nations which we are able to arrive at in this way. Some of this informa- tion is, of course, familiar by this time to most students of the Bible ; some, on the other hand, is of recent discovery. Among these, nothing is of more importance than the series of Tell-el- Amarna tablets, which may be compared to the despatches sent by our Colonial Governors to the Administration at home. We cannot pretend to dwell in detail on the mass of material which Mr. Evetts has here collected, and which he analyses and explains ; but we may briefly commend the book to our readers.