23 JUNE 1894, Page 27

Porlock Church. By the Rev. Walter Hook. (Parker and Sons.)

—Porlock Church, dedicated to St. Dubricius, "the high saint Dubric " of the Idylls, is a church with some interesting associa- tions. Dubricius died early in the seventh century in extreme old age, having survived the Battle of Badon Hill, if the traditions can be trusted, more than ninety years. In 1120 his remains were translated to Llandaff, and on that occasion various churches, of which Porlock is one, was dedicated to the Saint. (Where is Hartland, which Mr. Hook describes as "near the Wye" ? We know of but one Hartland on the south side of Barnstaple Bay ; the church here is dedicated to St. Nectan.) Whether there was an earlier church seems doubtful; indeed, the first building that can be distinctly traced is late, about 1200, when Sir Simon de Roges was lord of the manor. A certain George Roges was rector in 1310. A hundred years later a certain Harington owned the property. Large additions were made to the church, and a chantry was founded, though it did not come into actual operation for many years after Harington's death. In the next century the founda- tion went the way of other foundations. It was worth £22 9s. 4d. The furniture consisted of a silver-gilt chalice and some ornaments valued at 8s. Mr. Hook gives also the later history of the church. The parish suffered much from the curse of non-residence. For more than a century (1723-1831) the rectors were scarcely seen in the place. Mr. Hook quotes some oddities from the churchwardens' accounts.