23 MARCH 1844, Page 19


Tuesday, March 19.


Wilson and Husts itt, Wilson Street, Finsbury, linendraperWhite and Batting, Bird street, Lambeth. butchers-Adamson and Paton, Liverpool. merchants--Wheeler and Hayes. Andover. silk-mercers-Selby and Co. West Mailing, Keut, attorniea ; • ma far as regards G. Selby-Hiud and Sneezum, Limehouse. grocers-Crawford add fslo. Red Cross-Street, Southwark, painters; as far as regards J. E. Fraukliu-Grant and Bellerby, Newcastle-upon-Tyue. carpenters--Rhiwbryfdir Slate Company, Festtnieg, Merionethshire; as Per as regards 0. Clode-Vme and Co. Bishopsgate Street Without, silk-merchants-Swift and Bestow, Keighley, cotton-warp-dyers-T. and G. Lea, Augustus Street, Regent's Park, coal-merchants-M. S. and E. S. Tovey. Frampton Cutterell, Gloucestershire, farmers-Farnworths and Catlow.Clayton-le-Mours, Lanca- shire, engravers to calico-printers; as far as regards H. Catlow-Tyerman and Gardi- ner, Chancery Lane. architects-Day and Barrow, Manchester, stock-niakers--Edwamia and Aubert, Trinity Square. Tower Hill, ship-brokers-English and Parry. Union Street, Southwark, hop-merchants-Paley and Cu. Preston, cotton-spiuners-Witeller and Co. Chanel. s Street. cheesemongers-Lees and Co. Oldham. cotton-spinners; ias far as regards S. Lees-Maddeu and Co. Leadenhall Street, booksellers--Naylors and Co. Valparaiso and Lima, merchants; as fur as regards II. Kendall.


Bunting. Newport Pagnell, butcher - Weston, Colnbrook• plumber-S. end I. Walker. Halifax. cloth-weavers-Bell, Manchester, victual ler-Cod ner , Abbotakerasvill. Devonshire, mariner -Kempster, Upper Barnsbury Street. florist-Adams. Grosvenor Terrace, Camberwell, out of business-Simpson, Chatham, clerk-Hancock. North Curry, Sumersetohire, attorney - Parker. Nurthleaelh Gloucestershire, fellmooece- Cook, Greek Street, grocer -Camberlaud, Arundel Street, clerk-Barlow. Stocepert, victualler-Locke, Manchester, ceal-dealer- Balshaw, Manchester, salesmau-Broad- bent, Meltham, Yorkshire, plumber-Charlesworth, Kirkburton, machine-maker- Ellis, Bakewell, stone-mason-Brook, Dewsbuly, cloth-manufacturer-Seys, Llauseqs. ley, Monmouthshire, farmer -Sowden. Bradford. Yorkshire, shopkeeper-Malvern, Southampton, upholsterer-Hiutuu, Edgware, plumber-Pearce, Hingham, Norfolk, blacksmith-Levy otherwise Dumont, Upper Baker Street, Portman Square-Attkine, Richmond, Surrey, omuibus-proprietor-Goodson. Royal Oak Place, Pimlico, plumber -Pett, Mioster, Kent, farmer.


HEATER, R., St. Ives, draper.


DEACON, James. Whitechapel Road, draper, to surrender March 21, May 1 : solidi- tors. Reed and Shaw. Friday Street ; official assignee. Johusou, Basingliall Street. FINNEY, JOHN, Woore. Shropshire, builder, March 27, April 29: solicitors, Warren, Market Drayton; Hodgson. Birmingham; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. GUERTZ. HENRY, New Windsor, upholsterer. March 30, April 30: solicitors. Mr. Burn. Great Carter Laue; Mr. Barton, New Windsor; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. HARDING, GEORGE, Carlisle, tea-dealer, April 1. May 1 : solicitors, Messrs. Hill mid Matthews. Bury Court, St. Mary Axe; Mr. Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Oficial assignee, Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. HuWARTII JAMES, Lee Mill, Laucashire, cotton-qiiinier, March 30, April 23: sollei- tun, Messrs. Baxter, Litwoln's Inn Fields; Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Man- chester; official assignee. Mr. Putt, Manchester. RAMSAY, MARY and RALPH, Scotswood, Northumberland, riper-manufacturers, April 15. 29: solicitors, Mr. Leadbitier, Staple Inn ; Messrs. Laws and Glynn, Newcastle- upon-Tyne official assignee. Mr. Wakley, Newcastlempon-Tyne. RIDOUT. Joan EARLY, Ringwood, Hampshire, woohimper, April 4, May 2: solicitess, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn; Mr. Davy. Ringwood ; official assignee. 'Mr. Turquenth Old Jewry Chamber. STAPLES, Ceneizerre, Southampton. milliner, March 28. May 3; solicitors, Messrs. Hicks and Broikenridge. Bartlett's Buildings; Messrs. Clemeut and Newman, South- ampton; official assignee. Mr. Whitmore, Businghalt Street,. WARD, Wihusw Rose, Liverpool. grocer. April 3, 23: solicitors, Messrs. Flolnuaand Co. New Inn ; Mr. Booker, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.


April 12. Weatherby and Co. Manchester, cotton-spinners--April 12, Peters, 'Male- cheater. wine.-merchant-April 11, Raleigh and Goode, Mauchester, merchants-April 16, Junes, Birkenhead, plumber-April 13. Stuart, Liverpool, draper-April 12.1-Las kayne, Liverpool, ship-chandler-April 12. Thomas, Newport, Monmouthshire, grocer-April -13, Webb, Leamington; botalkeeper.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. April 11, Haucock, Cauterhury. coachsmith-April I I, Megarey, Love Lane. Bil- lingsgate, cral-merchaut-April 11. Stokes. St. Alban's. gas-coulractor-April 12, Phillott, Blaydon, Somersetshire. scrivener-April 10. Webb, Leamington, hotel- keeper-April 11, Beck, Tiverton, cabinet-maker-April 11, Parsonage, Birmingham, paper-hauger. To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before April 9.

Turner, Hinton. cabinet-maker-Scott, Cambridge Street, Gulden Square, auctioneer Fleetwoodsm-Wyre, bricklayer-Wood, flurton-upon-Treut. screw-manu- fac- turer-Butcher, Holborn Hill. china-dealer-Jones, Wellington. Shropshire, draper

- Cox. Daventry. money-serivener-Wlirpple, Crown Street, Finsbury, stay.manufac- Surer-am:De, Norton in the-Moors, Staffordshire. printer-Danuelt, Manchester, agent-Mills, Birmingham, upholsterer -Port Burton-upon-Treut, screw-manufacturer.


Knight, Rugby. ironmonger : first die- of 3s. March 21, or any subsequent Thursday; Mr. litttleston, Birmingham-Olirer and York. Stoney Stratford. bankers; second div. of 5s 9d. March 16. Mr. Parma, Stoney Stratford. or any subsequent Wednesday, Mr. Whitmore. fkisinglia 1 Street-Vincent, Edmonton, schoolmaster ; first din. of 9d. any Wednesday; Mr. Whitmore. Basinghall Street-Pope and Beech, Manchester, brushmakers first din. of Std. March 19, or auy subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Fraser. Manchester-Temple, Kingston-upon-Hull. brewer; div. of 2s. Id. March 19. or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Penne. Leeds-Dixou, Kingston-upon-Hull, corn-dealer ; div. of Is. March 19, or any subsequent Tuesday; Mr. Fearne, Leeds-Brown, Kings. ton-upon-Hull, bookseller: dir. of 2s. 6d. March 19, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Frame. Leeds-Wood. Greasley, miller ; first div. of 2s. March 19, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds-Fry. St. Mildred's Court, banker ; first and final div. of 20s. March 20. and two following Wednesdays; Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane-Markby, Peterbureugh, brewer ; first and tinal div. of Is. 6d. any Saturday; Mr. Green. Alder- manbury-Hale. Margate, bookseller ; first and fival dirs. of Is. any Saturday; Mr. Green, A blermanbury.


Baaww, R. J., Glasgow. brewer. March 22, April 12.

Coceases, J., Cross Arthudie, Rentiewshire, bleacher, March 26, April 16. DICKSON. M.. Edinburgh. boarding-house-keeper. March 22. April 18. DUNC1N. P., Trout,. merchant. March 25. April a.

Morerse. J., and Sow. Johnstone, thread-manufacturers, March 27, April 17. KENNEDY. R., G eucuirn, Dumfriesshire, March 23. Anril 23.

a Naumn, J., Glasgow, plumber, March 22. April 12."

Friday, March 22,


Blackburn and Co. Bradford. Yorkshire, worsted-spinners; as far as regards C. Stowell-Flowerdew and Gowing. Eye Suffolk, brewers-Hickman and Rawlins, Kentish Town. surgeons -Toplam and Prichard. Leeds, photographers-Walker and Torey. Albany Street, milliners-Davis and Son. New Bond Street, wiue merchants- Cory and Boyd. Drury Lane. proprietors of patent medicines-Pound and Petty. Ox- ford. carpenters-Jackson and Blockley. New Bond Street, musicsellers-Marsland and Kent, Manchester, hosiers-Downes and Wheeler, Bridgnorth. atictioueers -T. and J. Jenkins, Lewisham. carpenters-Hayward and Co. Watliugton, Oxfordshire. brewers; as far as regards W. Hayward-Fox and Co. Che:tenham, liueudrapers- Erat • and Son, Liverpool, sugar'relliters-Vinall and Son. High Holborn, tailors - M'Intosh and Webster, Kingstoumpon-Hull• wiue-merehants.


Saudeman. King Street, Cheapside, accountant-Pegrum. Notting Hill, butcher- Bell, Stockton, grocer-Bell. Norton, Durham, gardener-Bone, Rettendon. Essex, farmer-Groves, Gerrard Street. hatter - Grey, Leman Street. bookseller-Wilson, Morpeth cabinet-maker-Willcock, Liverpool, bricklayer-Eggleston. Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, blacksmith-Stott, Blackburn. out of business-Holloway'. Heston, baker-Butte, Handswoith. Staffordshire, farmer-Reville. Miteham, linendraper- Morgan, New Church Street. Paddington, coachmaker -Wainwright. Birmingham, Pustealice clerk- Butler, Forest Hill, Oxfordshire. plumber-Locke, Manchester, coal- dealer-Wood. Birmingham-Wilson, Holmes Westmoieland,surgern-Soulby, oat of business-Hooper• Bath. cabinet-maker-Burton, Liverpool, estate-agent -Horsfall. Dewsbury, beer-seller-Rovers. Farnham. surgeon-Poole, Pitt's Place. Old kept Road. attoruey-Shoobridge. Mayfield, Sussex, farmer-Maunder. Hereford Street. Liss.n Grove, baker-Cunningham, Natford Place, Marylebone, out of burl. new--Malcouroune. Putney, teacher of the French language-Oxeuham, Hereford Street, Limn Grove, baker.


CHAPMAN„ WILLIAM, York Place, New Road, surgeon, to surrender April 2, May 3: solicitors. Messrs. Rickards and Walker, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee,-Mr. Alsager, Bircbiu Laue. CLARK. THEODORE FREDER/CH. Liverpool, draper. April 1. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Shaw. Friday Street ; Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Manchester ; official assignee. Mr. Hobson. Manche-ter.

COWEN. Joan. Penrith.linendraper. April 11. May 2 : solicitors. Mr. Mawson, Man- chester.; Mr. Cram, Neo castle-upon-Tyne ; official assignee, Mr. Wakley, Newcastle- tapn-Tyne. FORD, FREDERICK, and BROCKLEKURST. FREDERICK RILEY, Bow Lane, wholesale stationers. April 6, May 3: solicitor, Mr. limes, Size Lane; official assignee, Mr. Groom. Abchurch Laue.

DUNDEE. JONATHAN, Hampstead, shoemaker. April 17. May 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Pain and Co. Great Marlborough Street ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.

Hrwswourn, HENRY WILLIAM, Primrose Street, Bishopsgate Street, wine-merchant, April 2, May 8: solicitors, Messrs Pain mid Co. Great Marlborough Street ; official assignee. Mr. Lackingtou, Coleman Street Buildings. Hewerr, HENRY STEPHENSON, Manchester, victualler, April 2, 24: solicitors. Messrs. Reed and Shaw. Friday Street ; and Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Manchester ; offi- cial assignee. Mr. Harsou, Manchester.

lionasorr. THOMAS. Thornton in-Lousdale, Yorkshire. brickmaker, April 17. 26 : so- licitor, Messrs. Jaques and Co. Ely Place ; Mr. Sykes, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Young. Leeds. Beata. ROBERT, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. draper. April 1, 30 : solicitors. Messrs. Wil- liamson and Hill, Gray's Inn ; Mr. Ingledew, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; official assig- nee. Mr. Wakley. Newcastle upon-Tyne. Maws, &MN. Langley Plane. Commercial Road East, hard-confectioner, March 26, April 30. solicitor. Mr. -Todd, 'navies Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place. Old Jewry. Boom, ERENECER, Newport. Monmouthshire. fire brick-manufacturer, April 3, May l : solicitors. Messrs. Alleckett and Co. G.,Iden Square; Mr. Hope, Newport; official assignee. Mr. Kynastou, Bristol. SHtLLTO. THoMAS. Leeds. chemist. April 6. May 2: solic:tor, Mr. Wood, Leeds; offi- cial assignee, Mr. Femme, Leeds. WILED:R.N. GEORGE and JOSEPH, Bishop Auckland. Durham. cinders, April 1, May 2: solicitors, Messrs. Bell and Co. Bow Churchyard; Mr. Seymour, Newcastle-upon- Tyne; official assignee. Mr. Baker, Neweastie-upon-Tyne.


April 12. Marron, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, clothier-April 12. Hudson. late of the ship °retie. master mariner-April 23. Iliddolph, and Co. Henrietta Street. Covent Gardeu, bankers-Flitcroft and Muagrore. Liverpool. grate-manufacturers-April 18, Barker, Wrockwardine. Shropshire. mercer-April 26, Price and Edwards; Shrews- bury, bankers-April 19, Price, Shrewsbury, banker-April 19, Johnson, Shrews- bury, leather-dealer.


Tube granted, unless rause be shown to the contrary, on the day of ',seeding.

April 12, Bentley. Newport, Isle of Wight, miller-April 12, Lamont, West Smithfield. dealer iu foreign wines-April 12. Fuller. Poplar, coal-merchant-April 12. J. and W. Judd. Romney, mealmeu-Arril 12, Tiene. Hertford. carpenter-April 12, Williams, Regent Street. stationer-April 17, Southgate, Fleet Street. auctioneer -April 18, Stewart, Hampton Street. WM.°, th. linendraper-April IS. Hiller. Sun Street, Bishopsgate, varnish.manufacturer-April 18. Taylor, Epping. draper-April 18, Turner, Ms ddeltou Street. painted baize manufacturer-Apes- 16, Sproule, Liver- pool. wine-merchant - April 19, Resell's,. Stamford. miller.

To be granted. streets cause be shown to the contrary. on or ber,re April 12.

Nicholson, Liverpool, halter-Fuller. Flixtun, Lancashire, logwetel-grinder-Brain, Roduey Street. Peutramille, copper plate.printer-Fernandes, Wakefield. corn-miller -Donnelly. Liverpool, merchaut-H. and J. Slesinger, Cateaton Street, warehouse- men-Woodruff, Great Misseuileu, innkeeper.


Atherton, Manchester, glass-manufacturer; first uiv. of 5s. 6d, ou March 26. or any Subsequent Tuesday; Mr. Pots. Manchester-Dunnett, Manchester, commission-agent; flat div. of Si. on March 26. or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Stauway, Manchester-

Cullen, Liverpool. merchant and foal div. of 41-100ths of a penny, on March- 25. or any subsequent Monday ; Mr. Turner, Liverpool-R. and R. Moon, Greeatield, Lancashire. manufacturer ; second div. of id. ou March 26, or any subsequent Tues- day; Mr. Stairway, Manchester-Sewell, Charles Street, Paddington, victualler; first d iv. of 9s. on March 25. or any subsequent Monday ; Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane- Evans and Co. Barge Yard, Bucklersbury. East India merchants; second div. of Is. 6d. ou Match 25, or any subsequent Monday; Mr. Alsager, Birehin Laue.


PEAT, D., Arbroath. merchant, April 2, 24.