23 MARCH 1844, Page 8

THE greater activity of the Court has this week been

engaged on the future as well as the present. While the Royal Family were staying at Claremont, Prince Albert repaired, on Monday, by a special train on -the Southampton railway, to Gosport, and thence, in the Black Eagle Meam-ship, to the Isle of Wight, to inspect Osborne House, in order to nee whether it would be suitable for a summer residence. Admiral Sir 'Charles Rowley attended upon the Prince while in Gosport. His Royal highness remained for two hours looking over the mansion, and re- turned as he came. He set out in the morning at seven o'clock, and regained the railway-station at Esher by ten minutes to five ; forty _minutes sooner than the appointed time. There was therefore no carriage ready. Attended by Colonel Bowater and Mr. Anson, the _Prince walked towards Claremont : the carriage met them about half -a mile from the house.

The Queen and Prince Albert, with the infants and the suite, left -Claremont for town, on Tuesday, in three carriages and four ; the escort being a party of Light Dragoons. They arrived at Buckingham Palace by five o'clock. The Dutchess of Kent joined the circle at dinner, as is most usual.

Her Majesty held the second levee of the season on Wednesday, at St. James's Palace. The cortege from Buckingham Palace, consisting .of four carriages, under an escort of the Roy al Horse Guards, arrived at St. James's at two o'clock. The attendance was not very great. Some .addresses were presented; one by Mr. Cartwright, Member of the k Canadian Parliament, from 16,000 inhabitants of Upper Canada, pray- ing that the seat of the Local Government might be retained within -that section of the province. The Queen gave audience to the Lord -Chamberlain. After the levee, her Majesty and Prince Albert returned to Buckingham Palace.

There was a Court at Buckingham Palace on Thursday ; at which Xleneral Sancho, the Spanish Minister, had an audience to take leave.

The Dutchess of Kent visited the Datchess of Gloucester, on Thurs- day.