23 MARCH 1918, Page 11


SPECTATOR.") Sra,—When Herr von Jagow recalled to Mr. Gerard " an old story of the end of the Seven Years' War," that " one side got tired

and so peace was made," I expect he had in his mind the lines in Burger's famous ballad of " Lenore ":— " Der Kan* :und die Kaiserin,

Des langen. Haders miide,

Erweichten ihren harten Sinn, Und machten endlich Friede."

Have you noticed the striking lines in Gray's Latin poem " Luna Ifabitabilis (173i) predicting war in the air and our absolute supremacy P They are very curious :-- " Tempus erit, eursinsi totos contendere coetus Quo cernes longo excursu. .

Dom stupet obtutu tacito vetus incola, longbque Insolitas explorat ayes, classemque volantem.

• Anglia, quae pelagi jamdudum torquet hahenas, Exercetque frequens ventos, atque imperat undae; Abris attollet fasces, veteresque triunsphos • Huc etiam feret, et victis dominabitur anus."