23 MARCH 1918, Page 12


(To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.'9 SIR,—The Pimlico and Westminster Committee of the C.O.S. are much in need of a volunteer worker who would take charge of their Mutual Registration of Assistance Department, and I am desired to invite your help in making known this need to your readers. The periodical registration of all the assistance given from public and private funds is now generally recognized as an indispensable element in the organization of relief in urban areas, and its importance is emphasized in the Report on Public Assist- ance which was issued by the •Ministry of Reconstruction in January of this year. In London the C.O.S. has in recent years built up a system of registration at its district offices which has proved to be of great value as a means of preventing overlapping and of encouraging co-operation among the local agencies. The work at this office does not involve physical strain and would be of a half-time nature. I shall be glad to give full particulars to any one who would care to communicate with me.—I am, Sir, &c.,

83 Cambridge Street, S.W. 1.