23 MARCH 1918, Page 13



vdvrg Be Ads sexplyseea "-irreg. roil yip eel Tiros etair.—(Aneaus.)

Cain speaks.

A DISTANT cry disturbs my age-long sleep; 'Awakened memory hears a well-known voice, Oeitone's, 'wailing for love's lost estate.

Calling for succour to her mother Earth. What new calamity ? The darkened Sun, The troubled Aii and Sea, all bid me speak. 'Am I not one with thee ? Do I not see Thine eyes in water shadows, feel thy tears In soft warm rain that falls adown my face ? In woodland walk does not the straying vine Press on my breast the tendrils of thy hair P

Oenone, one with thee! The Sun, the Sea, The voice of Springs, the shadow of the Moon

"Bear me to thee, and bring thy- sad lament

To my awakened heart and listening ears.

For thou hest looked into the hollow vault Of sounding darkness, listened to the cry Of mortal women praying in despair To Earth and Sea to give them back their sons.

Give back what wraps them round so close ? The Air, The Sun ? Blind mortals, where ye walk they are, - Those whom ye seek; they are one with Earth and Sea, And speak to you with many thousand tongues.

Now in the distant palace of the gods Close step by step they tread a larger room, Breath close to breath they breathe a larger air, And heart to heart commune in larger speech Such as Immortals use. And ye are there.

Oenone, peace! Assume thy godhead now.

As these have done, in Earth and Air and Sea.

They ever change but pass not. We are one.

Nor do we pass nor fear the infinite change.