23 MARCH 1918, Page 2

Count Hertling, beside whom Tarlaffe was a mere novice in

hypo- crisy, told the Reichstag on Monday that the Peace Treaty " contains no conditions whatever dishonouring to Russia, no mention of oppressive war indemnities, and no forcible appropriation of Russian

territory." He went on to say that a number of the " border States " have severed their connexien with the Russian State " in accordance with their own will." "'Under the mighty protection of the German Empire they can give themselves a political form corresponding to their situation and the tendency of their /Caitlin" The Diet of Courland had .already asked for economic, military, and political connexion with Germany. Lithuania was about to make a similar request, and it was hoped that Livonia and Esthonia would do so when security was guaranteed by their own institutions. The further shaping of Poland's " independence " was not yet settled. Count Hertling's elaborate make-believe deceives no one outside Germany, and can impose on very few docile Germans. It is strange that he should be at so much pains to avoid the word " annexations " when the facts are notorious. But a Government capable of declaring that this was a defensive war on Germany's part is of course capable of any falsehood.