23 MARCH 1918, Page 2

M. Clemenceau and Signor Orlando and other French and Italian

Ministers attended meetings of the Supreme War Council of the Allies held in London last week under the presidency of Mr. Lloyd George. One result of this Council was seen in the resolute protest, published through the Foreign Office on Tuesday, against " the political crimes -which, under the name of a German peace, have been committed against the Russian people." The Allied Govern- ments point out that " the Russian Government, in a mood of singular credulity, expected to obtain by persuasion the ' democratic peace' which it had failed to obtain by war," and that Germany has taken the fullest advantage of Russian weakness, while Poland is menaced with a fourth partition and Rumania is overwhelmed in the flood of a merciless passion for domination. " Peace treaties such as these," say the Allies, " we do not and cannot acknowledge." The Allies are fighting, and mean to continue fighting, in order to finish once for all with this policy of plunder, and to establish in its place the peaceful reign of organized justice.