23 MARCH 1918, Page 2

That Prince Lichnowsky's Memorandum is authentic was admitted by the

German Vice-Chancellor in the Reichstag last Saturday. Prince Lichnowsky wrote it in 1916 " for family archives," and " with a view to my own justification or noting the details of my experiences and impressions there [in London] before they vanished from my memory." Prince Lichnowsky regretted that his notes had been published, but owing to this " extremely vexatious incident " we know that the German Ambassador in London in the two years before the war regards the official German theory that we forced the war on Germany as an utter falsehood. The Vice-Chancellor naturally said that Prince Lichnowsky's

statements had " no historical value." We may draw our own conclusions from the fact that"Prince Lichnowsky has been allowed to resign his diplomatic post, but, unlike Count Arnim in Bis- marck's day, will not be prosecuted for revealing highly inconvenient truths.