23 MARCH 1918, Page 3

Last Saturday at Enniskillen Mr. Dillon delivered his first public

speech since he became leader of the Irish Nationalist Party. " pledge myself," he said, " here to-day that if the fullest measure of justice is not meted out to the Irish people, and the national aspir- ations of Ireland fully satisfied, I in your name will stand in the path of England and will shame her before the nations of the world. Speaking for a united Ireland, I will appeal to America and the President of the United States and I will say Tell England that she must, before she pretends to carry on this war for the rights of small nations, go home and set her house in order." Mr. Dillon's admirers inform us that he is unlike previous Irish leaders, and superior to them, in that he has a deep knowledge of foreign affairs. We hope that this appeal to President Wilson to intervene in the affairs of another nation is not a typical fruit of Mr. Dillon's intimacy with foreign affairs.