23 MARCH 1918, Page 3

Sir Albert Stanley informed the House on Wednesday that he

was issuing a Curfew Order for the closing of restaurants at 9.30 p.m., and theatres and all other places of public entertainment at 10.30 p.m., throughout Great Britain. There are to be no more lighted shop-windows. In London and the South of England, moreover, all consumers of gas and electricity must reduce theft consumption by a sixth, and the tube and tramway services will be restricted. No doubt there will be a very large saving in coal and electric-light, though it is hardly necessary to point out that the theatres and music-halls will use just as much light— unless they are closed altogether—while people who go home early will use light and heat there instead of in places of public resort. Still, light and heat will be saved and " the supper habit " discouraged. Both power and labour will be saved on underground and surface traffic late at night, and the cost of railway mainte- nance cut down. Labour and transport for coal winning and supply will be reduced. These are valid reasons for the additional and real inconveniences which we shall have to face cheerfully, like the many heavier burdens of the war.