23 MAY 1835, Page 18

Gems of Literature, is an Annual without plates, containing the

usual mixture of prose and poetry which characterizes those publications, and possessing much of their merits,—as was, in- deed, to be expected, for the articles are chiefly from Annual hands. Miss MITFORD, the Countess of BLEssiNGTON, L. E. L. Miss STRICKLAND, Miss JANE ANNE PORTER, with some others of lesser note, figure amongst the ladies; the author of " Mi- serrimus," the Ettrick Shepherd, and no less a person than Captain MARRYAT, among the gentlemen. The Captain's story of " Moonshine " is not what one would have expected from the author of Peter Simple ; but is the best in the book, if we except, perhaps, a tale of HOGG'S.