23 MAY 1835, Page 18

The Holy Land, is a plain, unpretending volume, though pos-

sessing somewhat of interest and amusement. Its author, Mr. R. SPENCE HARDY, was a Wesleyan Missionary in Ceylon ; and after fulfilling his destiny in that island, he determined no a pilgrimage to Jerusalem by way of the Red Sea and Egypt. One end in view was to gratify an early longing to visit the capital of Judea; another was to throw light upon the local allusions and natural images of the Holy Scriptures. Hence, in the arrangement of the author, the Holy Land extends as far as the geographical allusions of the Bible or the wanderings of the Apostles ; and his book is a narrative of his personal journey from India to England, em- bracing Rome, Greece, and the Mediterranean Islands, as well as Syria, and the East, and dealing with places less according to any interest they may now possess than to their importance under the Theocracy and during the Apostolic aura.