23 MAY 1835, Page 9

Mr. Briscoe, the Lord of the Manor of Epsom, over

whose pro- perty the races are run, has deputed a gentleman of great respectability at Epsom to receive the collections on the Downs, during the present year, and has authorized him to place at the disposal of the Epsom Race Committee the chief portion of the tolls for the booths and standings.

Last week, 226 acres of land situate in Charnwood Forest were sold to the Reverend Mr. Hulm Roman Catholic priest, residing at Loughborough, for the purpose Of founding a Roman Catholic monas- tery of the Jesuit order. The land was the property of Thomas Gishorne, Esq. M.P. It was also currently reported in Lough- borough, that Charles M. Phillipps, Esq. had embraced the order, and that he intended to end his days in the new monastery.—Leicester Herald. [How much of this paragraph is true A body of paupers belonging to the Ampthill Union, in Bedford. shire, raised a.disturbance there on Thursday week, in consequence of the refusal of the parish-officers to give them out-door relief in money, instead of the necessaries of life. The principal damage consisted in breaking the windows of the workhouse. The Magistrates were much alarmed, and called out the Yeomanry ; while Mr. Adey, the Assist- ant Poor-law Commissioner, went to town to solicit the aid of a body of police. Fortunately the services of neither were required to restore tranquility. The women appear to have been most active among the rioters—shouting " We'll have money or blood." Several of them were captured, and committed for trial. The numbers of the rioters, of all ages and both sexes, amounted at one time to about two hundred. They paid no regard to the magistrate, but threw brickbats and stones at the workhouse windows. The constables, however, succeeded in quelling the riot ; and when the Metropolitan Police, twenty-two in number, arrived on Friday, they had nothing to do but search for the ringleaders. It does not appear that any one was seriously hurt.

There have been several incendiary fires lately in Essex, Sussex, Huntingdonshire, Warwickshire, and Somersetshire; and a number of persons have been apprehended on suspicion of being concerned in them.