23 MAY 1835, Page 9


The Inverness election terminated in the return of Mr. Chisholm ; the numbers being—for Chisholm 238, for Grant 240. It seems to be doubtful, however, whether Mr. Chisholm will retain his seat. The Courier says- " A petition against his return will forthwith be presented to the House of Commons ; and counsel of the first eminence at the bar have already given de- cided opinions that Mr. Grant will be the sitting Member. Forty voters on the Grantoon estate, under the administration of the Lord Lieutenant, Colonel Grant, who had no right, under the Reform Act, to be admitted to registration, were objected to on the part of Mr. Grant, but were nevertheless permitted to vote. A series of acts of undue influence and of intimidation unparalleled in the annals of electioneering, on the part of the friends or agents of the party returned, will be brought to light in the course of the investigation before a Committee of the House of Commons."