23 MAY 1925, Page 1

In that case there would have been no new burden

upon industry at all.; and Unless Mr. Broad has deceived himself there would have been some actual relief. All the boons of insuring men and women against those risks of sickness, unemployment and death which per- petually haunt them would have been achieved without new charges. by a more scientific method of dealing with the whole problem. Our first leading article discusses the possibility of making a new approach to the whole question so that we could have our " All-in " Insurance without crippling industry.. The Government, however, are bent on going on with Mr. Churchill's plans, accepting only certain modifications in order to ease the burden. The contributions from industry, for instance, might be reduced or remitted altogether in the earlier stages. But this is all a subject for further discussion. Let us now turO to the debate, which deserves a full summary.