22 MAY 1941, Page 14


Sue,—Your interesting article under the above heading reaches the conclusions that the trend of the moment is against us, and that confidence in the Prime Minister is unabated. There is no doubt that the weak point in our war-effort is the direction of the higher strategy. As the Cabinet is constituted at present, this lies almost entirely in the Prime Minister's hands. Mr. Churchill has a long and remarkable record as a strategist ; it is an uninterrupted series of failures. It is customary to attribute this to the effect of luck, but a different view has been taken by sagacious students of military history. The time has come for Mr. Churchill to share his responsi- bility with others. A small inner Cabinet should be set up, which should contain representatives of the three fighting -services, and which should decide all questions concerning foreign relationships and strategy. Only by some such means as this can our great resources be brought into actual use.—! am, Sir, yours, &c.,