22 MAY 1941, Page 14


SIR,—As a member of H.M. Forces I would like to utter a protest against the ever-increasing profiteering-ramp organised by civilian firms who specialise in selling service-clothing and equipment, &c. It is quite a common occurrence for articles of clothing and accoutre- ments essential to the service-man and woman, sometimes of poorer quality than the actual service-issue, to be offered for sale at as much as four times the price they would be sold at in the unit-stores or N.A.A.F.I. It is rarely possible for a member of the armed forces to obtain a re-issue on repayment for lost articles immediately, and therefore he (or sne) has little choice but to patronise one of these emporia if he is to remain dressed according to service-dress regulations until a re-issue can be made. Surely it is high tane notice was taken of this method of extorting money from service-personnel, and investigations made in the proper direction. It is not r_ght that the very people who are being relied upon to defend this tx untry of ours from oppression and tyranny should be made use of in this manner, to fill the pockets of someone probably in a far better financial position.—I remain, yours, &c.,