22 MAY 1941, Page 5

Last week Time and Tide, youthful and sprightly compared with

this centenarian-and-a-bit journal, celebrated its coming of age, and I offer it my respectful congratulations. What I like most about Time and Tide is a certain agreeable incalculability. Lady Rhondda is in the happy position of being both editor and virtually proprietor of the paper which she runs so suc- cessfully, and the line she takes concerns no one but herself (not that, so far as I know, proprietorial checks or stimuli have ever conflicted with editorial opinion on major questions in The Spectator office). I was surprised to learn from Lady Rhondda's reminiscences in the birthday number that she was not Time and Tide's first and only editor. She does not mention her predecessors, but they were, I am told, first Miss Laughton—now Mrs. Mathews, Director of the W.R.N.S.— and second, Mrs. Archdale. Lady Rhondda has been editor since 1926.