23 NOVEMBER 1991, Page 16


Mrs Andrew Boyle sent us this explanatory note together with a letter (below) she received from the Kensington branch of Barclays Bank: The executor of the will of my late hus- band, Andrew Boyle, recently wrote from his office in Grays Inn asking Bar- clays Bank, Notting Hill Gate, to close his account. Enclosed is Barclays' reply, addressed, as you will see, to A.P.M. Boyle, Esq., at his former home address. I dare say it might well have met with his requirements, had he been here to have any.

A.P.M. Boyle Esq. Dear Mr Boyle

Further to your recent letter, as request- ed, we have today closed your Deceased Account Number 60192686 and enclosed is a cheque for the outstanding balance of £2158.78.

We hope this meets with your requirements.

Yours sincerely Miss A Ilyas Accounts Department.

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