23 OCTOBER 1841, Page 10


WITH waning daylight the Madrigalians begin to congregate. Fashion- able migrations may vary, but the times and seasons of these veteran harmonists know no change. Two months they allow for rural sports— we believe principally angling ; the remaining ten they are found in London.

Thursday night was the first meeting of the Madrigalian season ; Sir JOHN ROGERS in the chair. Among the professional members and visiters present, were Miss TIIBLE, Hewitt/is, HAWES, Professor TAYLOR, and Mr. ELLIOT ; and the selection for the evening comprised the following pieces—

Motet,— •' Almighty God" FORD. Madrigal, " Dimmi, donna crudel " FERRETTI. Madrigal. Hard by a crystal fountain" 0. Gimes. Madrigal, " Dainty fine turd" 0. GIBBONa.


Madrigal, "Hope of my heart " ARD

Madrigal, "Oft have I vowed" )i

Anthem,. "I will sing of thy power" GREENE.

Madrigal, Chi torus"... L. MARESMO.

Madrigal, "Flow, 0 my tears" Baum:Dr.