23 OCTOBER 1841, Page 20



On the 4th October, at Craigforth House, the Hon. Mrs. CALLANDEN, of Cmigforth and Ardkinglas, of a daughter.

On the 6th, at Earl's Barton, Northamptonshire, the Lady of WrELLam WHITWORTH, Esq., of a son.

On the 12th. at Dutfus House, the Lady of A. DUNBAR, Esq., eldest son of Sir Archibald Dunbar. of Northfield, of a son.

On the 13th, at Sharsted. Kent, the Lady of Captain Panacea, of a daughter. On the 15th. at Shilliuglee Park, Sussex, the Countess of WINTERrcer, of a daughter. On the 16th, at Chester Place, Regent's Park, the Lady of the Rev. F. T. NEW, of a son.

On the 18th, in Charter-house, the Wife of the Rev. A. P. Savs.•nsus, of a daughter. On the 19th, at Fareham, Hants, the Lady of EDWARD PADDON. Esq., of a daughter. On the 19th. at the Rectory Church, Knowle„ Dorset, the Lady of the Rev. CRARLEs °rawer. of a daughter.

On the 21st. in Eaton Place, the Lady Mittens HILL, of a daughter. On the 224. the Wife of the Rev. T. Simpson Evans. M.A.. Vicar of St. Leonard's,. Shore-ditch, of a daughter. At Thames Dittou, the Lady of R. T. EATON, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.


On the 12th August, at Nuseerabad, in the East Indies. the Rev. H. PRATT. A.M., Chaplain Hon. East India Company's Service, to ELIZABETH. the sixth daughter of Brigadier Kennedy, C.B., commanding the Rajpootana Field Force. On the 4th October, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, Captain NUGENT, Thirty-sixth Regiment, son of Andrew Nugent, Esq., of Portaferry, county of Down, to Viscountess. BANGOR, Widow of Viscount Bangor. On the 13th, at Glasgow, Dr. It D. THOMSON, IO Itimesatar Armes, only daughter oi Prufessor Thomson, of the University of Glasgow. On the 14th, at Jersey, Major WILLIAM Smarr, Bombay Army, to SARAH, Relict of the late Lieutenant- Colonel G. H. Dansey. On the 16th, at Chilton Church, ROBERT M. MUNDY, Esq., Royal Horse Artillery, to ISABELLA LEYBORNE, youngest daughter of General Popham. of Littlecott, Wilts. On the 16th. at Castle Bellingham, Ireland. the Rev. Hssnar DE Lava', WILLIS. third son of the late Rev. Thomas G. Willis, LL.D., Rector of Kilmurry and Derry Galvin, to MARY ANNE. eldest daughter of the late Thomas Woolsey, Esq., Admiralty.

On the 19th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Captain Joan Marna, of the First or Royal Regiment, to Lucy, youngest daughter of the late J. Ives. Esq., of St. Catharine's Hill, Norwich.

On the 19th. at Wortley Chapel, the Rev. GEORGE CAMPION BERKELEY, Vicar of Southminster. Essex. to CAROLINE Manna, daughter of the Venerable Stuart Corbett, D.D., Archdeacon of York. On the 19th, at Marylebone Church, THOMAS NEviLLE AHDY, Esq., of Albyns. Emma, to Hamner, second daughter of Rowland Alston, Esq., of Pisholtury, Hert- fordshire. On the 20tk, at Newport. Isle of Wight, the Rev. G. CoLesiesr, Rector of Water Stratford, Bucks, to Atfousre Anne, only daughter of C. C. S. Worsley, Esq. On the 21st, at Llanwern. Monmoutlaire, the Rev. GEouoz GORE, Rector of New- ton St. Loe, Somersetshire, to FRANCESANNI, third daughter of Thomas B. Runs. Esq., of Courtyrala, Glamorgansbire. On the 21st. at Woolwich, Captain E. N. WILYORD. Royal Artillery, to Arms, eldest daughter of the late Percival Swan, Esq., Baldwin's Town, Wexford. At Oandle, Northamptonshire, CHARLES Thomas WiLsost, Esq.. second son of the late Richard Wilson, Esq. of Aekworth Grange. Yorkshire, to EMMA Arms, eldest daughter and co-heiress of the late George Henry Anderson, Esq., of Bathampton, Somersetshire.


On the 1st June, at Syduey, Emmy, Wife of William a'Beekett, Esq., Solicitor General of New South Wales.

On the 22d June, at Bandah. Bengal, Cuasuots EDWARD Glaser, Lieuteuant in the East India Company's Sixty-second Regiment of Native Infantry. On the 4th August, at Kirkee, East Indies, Captain Menus, Paymaster Fourth Light Dragoons. On the 34 October, at Ayr. Maar, 3 oungest daughter of the late Robert Shortreed, Esq.. and Wife of John S. Memes, LL.D., Ayr. On the 13th. at Plymouth, Major-General VINICOMBE, formerly Commandant of the Plymouth Division of Royal Marines; in his 78th year. On the 14th. at East Wickham, Kent, THOMAS BUTLER, Esq., late of the Ordnance Office; in his 78th year.

On the 15th, at Brompton, SAMUEL Arrow, Esq., formerly of Lisbon and Pernaro- bueo ; in his 74th year.

On the 16th, in Br/oilstone Square, Lieutenant-General Sir JOSEPH FULLER, G. C. IL

On the 17th, at Whitley, near Wigan, Lancashire, ALEXANDER HALinuirrow, Esq.; in his 74th year.

On the 18th. at Batsford. Gloucestershire, the Rev. JOHN Romurr Hann, Rector of Botsford, and Prebeodary of Exeter ; in his 77th year. On the 18th, at Peckham, Emma, Wife of the Rev. Henry Morgan, and eldest daughter of the late Major Henry Scott. of Bislow, Salop.

On the 19th, at Lincoln. the Rev. Geozoe MOORE, Perpetual Curate of St. Margaret and St. Peter in Eastgate, and Rector of Owmby. Lincolnshire; in his 49th year. On the 21st, at Balham, Surrey, ELIZABETH. Widow of the late Samuel Watheu, Esq., of Newhouse. Gloucestershire; in her 721 year.

On the 21st. at Bromley. Kent, ROW= BO,TH Raters, MA.; in his 57th year.

At Walworth, the Rev. EDWARD ANDREWS, LL.D. He retired to bed at eleven o'clock in Monday evening in perfect health, and expired at three o'clock on Tuesday morning.