23 OCTOBER 1841, Page 21


Tuesday, Oct. 19.


Phillips and Burnet, Moorgata Street, tailors-Rattray and Powell, Commercial Road East, ironmongers-Hollis and Co. Worksop. brush-head-manufacturers-Pinder and Wilson. Sheffield. ironmongers-Bowlby and Reynolds. Sunderland, merchants- Gladstone and Co. Liverpool, carriers; • as far as regards Gladstone-Grove and North, tallow-chandlers---W. and C. Massey. Liverpool, chiva-dealers-Vallance and Wickens, Hentleld, Sussex, seed-crushers-Stanley and Heane, Newport, Shropshire, attornies-Hobson and Co. Liverpool-Lock and Gresham. Nottingham. pawnbrokers -Hopkins and Northeu, Deptford, potters-Hopwood and Ilaslam, Harwood, Lanca- shire, quarrymen-Witham and Co. Sheffield, screw-manufacturers; as far as regards Witham.


Coy. Muss, Goldsmith Street, Wood Street, lacernan. Oct. 19.

Garmr, Grown, Princes Street, Spitalfiels, silk-manufacturer, Oct. 18.


POTTER, GEORGE and SAMUEL, Manchester, CaliC0-11TillIell.


BOBROWDALE, WILLIAM, Bmnthwaite, Cumberland, paper-manufacturer, to sur- render Nov. 2, 30 : solicitors, Mr. Stubbs, Furuival's Inn; and Messrs. Perry. White- haven.

BRIDGMAN, JESSE, and DayzArre,W1LLTAN.Upper Chapman Street, St. George's East, tallow-melters, Oct. 26, Nov. 30: solicitors, Messrs. Crowder and Maynard, Mansion- house Place; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

CATLOW, ROBERT, Leeds, victualler, Oct. 27, Nov. 30: solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Sander., Middle Temple; and Mr. Foden. Leeds.

Demur:oven, Grottos, Percival Street, Goswell Street, printer, Oct. 26. Nov. 30: solicitor, Mr. Goddard, King Street, Cheapside; official asstguee, Mr. Gibson, Basing. ball Street.

SEARLE, COOPER, Bury St. Edmund's. printer, Oct. 23. Nov. 30: solicitors, MT. Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard; and Mr. Leech, Bury St. Edmund's.

Tinanesorr, Hewer, Isliugton, timber merchant, Oct. 26, Nov. 30: solicitor, Mr. Shoubridge, Bedford Row; official assignee. Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.


Nov. 11, Mackenzie, King's Arms Yard, merchant-Nov. 11, Hays, Bermondsey, mariner- Nov. 9, Ross and Murray, Leadenhall Buildings, merchants-Nov. 11. W. and F. J. Appleford, Holtoru Bars. drapers-Nov. 9, M•Nair, Abchurch Lane, mer- chant-Nov. 11, Tozer, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, carver-Nov. 9, Terry, Shoe Lane, quill-merchant-Nov. 9, Bellemois, Pomroy Street, OM Kent Road, chemist - Nov. 9. Turnbull, Arundel Street, Strand, boarding-housekeeper-Nov.11, Thompsou, Long Acre, upholsterer-Nov. 9, Hall. Piccadilly, upholsterer-Nov. 11, Wartnaby and Richardson, Wood Street, Cheapside. silkmen-Dec. 4, Palfreyman, Sheffield, scriveuer-Nov. 9. Rodgerson, Hylton Ferry, Durham. ship-builder-Noe. 11, Blur ton, Field Hall, Staffordshire, gentleman-Nov. 12. Braddick, Bristol, tanner.


T. be granted, molest cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Noe. 9. M'Kinlay and Mare, Silver Street, Wood Street, rectiOers-Davis, Liverpool, mer- chant-Nutter, Paul Street, Finsbury. brewer-Tattersall, Liverpool, corn-merchant- Simpson, Sheffield. grocer-Fawcett, Manchester. mauufaeturer-W. and J. Losh, Car- lisle, calico printers -Palfreyman, Shenield, scriveuer.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. DEWAR, ALEXANDER CUMMING. Edinburgh, boot-maker, Oct. 25, Nov. 15. LANCASTER, Thomas. and KENNEDY, WM., Renfrew. calico-platers. Oct. 26. Nov. 16. MAGNA'S, ROBERT, Glasgow. merchant. Oct. 26, Nov. 22. Wrerr, JOHN, Montrose. cabinet-maker, Oct. 23, Nov. 13.

Friday, Oct. 22.


Crosbie and M'Lean, Heywood, Lancashire, drapers-Robinson and Talbot, Liver. pool-Chambersand Barnett. Birmingham, nail manufacturers-Knowles and Roberts. Liverpool, ironmongers-Smart and Postlethwaite, Emsworth, Southamptonshire. at. tornies-J. and 3. Jones, Wautage, basket-makers-W. and J. Dunmore, Leicester, fancy hosiers-Phillips and M'Evoy, Birmingham, manufacturers of patent straps -Leech and Robinson, Oxford, tailors-Lees and Co. Oldham, coal-merchants-J. W. aud J. B. Moore, Liverpool, merchauts -Mare and Co. Rio de Janeiro. merchants; as far as regards J. W. Moore-Boyd and Scott. Piccadilly. wine-merchants-Anderson and Stewart, Nea castle Place. Edgeware Road. surgeons-Blackburn and Holdsworth, Hartle, Lancashire. joiners-Norris and Lee. Manchester, calico-printers-J. and IV. Gosling,, Ipswich. whitesmiths -Docker and Bates. Birmingham, braziers-Gregory and Co.. Oldbury, Shropshire. coal masters-Dugdale and Co. Thattsheath, Lancashire, coal-proprietors-Ferguson and Aikman, Glasgow, ship-brokers.


JACKSON, JAMES, Brewer Street, woollendraper, Oct. 22. RUSHDURY, HENRY DUNCALFE. Fitzroy Place, Southwark Bridge Road, money-

scrivener, Oct. 13.

SMITH, JOHN ALEXANDER, Oxford Street, linendraper, Oct. 22. Tumour, WILLIAM, and HICKMAN, GEORDE, Rawstorne Street, jewellers, Oct. 22.


Dasirssr, CHARLES, Oxford Street, jeweller.


ATKINSON, WILLIAM Mracs, Beccles, maltster, to surrender Nov. 2, Dec. 3: solici-

tors, Messrs. Teesdale, and Co. Fenchurch Street.

BUMPSTEAD, EDWARD. Halesworth,offolk, grocer, NOV. 2, Dec. 3: solicitors, Messrs.

Thompson and Co. Salters' Hall.

FRALEY, NATHANIEL. Bristol, linenamper, Nov. 3. Dec. 31 solicitors, Mr. Wansey,

Lothbnry ; and Mr. Hassell. Bristol.

FREY, NATHANIEL, and MERCHANT, N T, JOSEPH EMERY, Bristol, linendrapers, AL ov 3,

Dec. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Jenkins and Abbott, New Inn; and Messrs. Clarke and Britten, Bristol.

Gsx.ro r, JAMES senior, Morahan, Dorsetsbire, nialtster, Nov. 1, Dec. 3: solicitors, Mr. Combo, Staple Inn; and Mr. Phillips, Weymouth. HAszerr. %swam, Liverpool, provision-dealer, Nov. 1, Dec. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Aalington and Co. Bedfordltow; and Messrs. Littledale and Bardswell, Liverpool. HENLEY. GEORGE SinsissastAvs, Savoy Street, Suand. auctioneer, Nov. 2, Dec. 3: solicitor, Mr. Dickenson, Pall Mill; official assignee, Mr. Graham; Basinghall Street. JAMES, BENJAMIN and JOHN Monists, Manchester. tanners, Nov. 4, Dee. 3: solici- tors, Messrs. Lowndes and Co. Liverpool; and Messrs. Slutrpe and Co. Bedford Row. JONES. RICHARD ARCHARD, Friday Street, Mauchesterwarehouseman, Nov. 3, Dec. 3; solicitors, Messrs. Lofty and Potter, Kiug Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basiughall Street. PETERS, TnortAs, Cambridge, tailor, Nov.4, Dec. 3: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Bedford how; and Mr. Adcock, Cambridge. SMITH. JOHN, Deptford Bridge, hatter, Oct. 30, Dec. 3: solicitors. Messrs. Collins and Rigley. Crescent Place, Blackfriars; official assignee, Mr. Lackington, Coleman Street Buildings.


Nov. 12, Crandall, Brixton Road, builder-Nov. 12, Delcroix, New Bond Street. milliner-Nov. 15. Miller, Long Acre, artist&-colourman-Nov. 12. Northeroft. Eg. ham, builder-Nov. 15. Ford, Aylesbury, grocer-Nov. 15, Knowles aud Co. Throg- morton Street, silk-brokers-Nov. 17, Temple, Great Titchdeld Street, carver-Nov. 12, Fairmaner. Farnham, shopkeeper-Nov. 12, Ashton. Berners Street, bill-broker- Nov. 12. (Sell, Tottenham Court Road, lead-merchant-Nov. 12, 'Simpson, Oxford Street, cheesemonger -Nov . 26, Linsley, Leeds. woollen-cioth-merchaut-Nov. 17, Jenkins, Haverfordwest, auctioueer-Nov. 17. Scowcroft, Haverfurdwest, scrivener- Nov. 18. Bryan. Cotton Red, Northamptonshire, shoe-manufacturer-Nov. 15. HugW, Whitby, spirit-merchant-Nov. 17, Smith, Newcastle-upon Tyne, grocer-Nov. 17, Seddon, Shuttleworth, Lancashire, cotton-spinner-Nov. 13, Lawton, Liverpool, shoe-

maker-Nov. 30. Haney, Redruth, Cornwall. linendraper -Nov. 15, Hieklin, Not-

tingham. priuter. CERTIPICATES

To be granted, unless cause be 'lumen to the contrary, on or before Non. 12. Myers, Smeaton, Yorkshire, victualler-Kipping, Maidstone. broker -Westbetul, Manchester, small-ware-manufacturer-Maybery. Old Brompon, apothecary-Potts and Co. Monk We.armouth Shore, Durham, ship-builders-George, Fleet Street, musical-iustrument-maker.


BROCK, Wii.i.rAtur, Renfrew, starch-manufacturer. Oct. 03, Nov. 19.

GENTLES, THOSIAS, Paisley, plumber, Oct. 29, Nov. 19. LANCASTER, Ttsomnsr and CLARK, JOHN, Glasgow, calico-printers, Oct. 26, Nov. 16. MDLASHAN, JOHN. Edinburgh, solicitor. Oct. 26, Nov. 16.